Sonic Fan Art - Looking for critique


Hey everyone,

I recently finished my latest piece “Sonic Fan Art”, but I am a bit unhappy with the result. This was the first time I tried to draw a character in perspective with a stronger pose so I am not sure if it’s right. Furthermore I feel like the anatomy (I purposely exaggerated the muscles) is a bit off.

The direction I wanted this piece to take is portraying Sonic in a more “realistic” and stronger looking way.

I would appreciate if you can help me out with critique (paintovers would be great, but I take all the critique I can get!).

(Higher Resolution in my Portfolio)


There are problems with the proportion because when you depicted him in perspective, you didn’t actually plot out the perspective with correct sense of scale in the z-depth, resulting in inconsistent and abnormal proportions. His calf looks abnormally big, and that foot is also huge.

When you exaggerate anatomy, you have to do it artfully so that it still looks like anatomy instead of odd protrusions of masses that look so alien that they no longer look like natural structure of the body.

The contrast of your values are a bit scattered, creating a noisy look that has highlights everywhere, thus diminishing the visual weight that highlights are supposed to have, and diluting the gritty vibe you’re trying to create. High contrast should be used sparingly at your main focal points so they really make a point. A good piece of artwork would ideally have hierarchy of visual weight, and the values should be controlled to manage selective detail and visual interest.