Something I Want To Develop


So, as an artist who wants to innovate with Blender, I bumped into Nvidia’s old GVDB fluid simulation software a couple months ago, and as someone who can’t code very well, I am now looking for a volunteer to turn that architecture into an addon for the software.
My intention is to attempt a GPU-based simulator of liquids, one based on speed and versatility. It must export thru OpenVDB and have a modern and simple GUI. By the way, I do get that EmberGen is a thing, but that only does smoke and fire.
This job is not paid, but you will get a developer’s credit on my website once the work is done. Also, if possible, try to avoid a file size of more than 400 MB.
To apply for consideration, email me at
Wishing all applicants well,
Nate Callender