Some major VFX questions in C4D


Hey ya’ll, hope I can find some answers here.
So I have this video I directed, but might be a little over my head with the execution.

The main point of the video is two people slowly falling apart, literally. It shows in different ways - one shot where their face is melting, another where their neck is stretching, the limbs break apart, their heads is slowly slicing away, and some more.

We have finished shooting the actors, and got some great shots. However I’m realizing I’m slightly in the dark when it comes to the VFX part.

There’s many shots here so let’s start with one of my favorites - the face melt. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a 40 second, nicely lit shot of a girl pretending that her face is melting. I’m trying to wrap my head around what’s the best and most realistic and visually appealing way to go about it.
So far I have:

  1. Modeled her face in C4D, and made it melt with RealFlow. It looks good but it has no textures, so I can only use the mesh data to affect the video if it’s possible.
  2. Face tracked her face movement, and now I have nulls on a 2d surface that mimic her face movement (very subtle movement where she slowly bows her head down towards her hand)

The point is that her face would melt into her hands.
Here is a super rough sketch of the way it should melt, and a screenshot from the footage.

Since there’s barely any budget even for me to work on this video, I’m trying still to figure out a way to do it myself before hiring VFX artists (which would mean that not only I wouldn’t be making money from this, I would be paying money).

I really really appreciate anyone guiding me in any way. I’m willing to get necessary plug ins, read tutorials, talk to certain professionals directly, or hire someone from here).