[SOLVED] Editing multiple renderpaths (batch render)


I’m sorry if this has been asked many time but im looking for some help/advice regarding the following, we had a server crash and had to replace it. This means the output for our render files have to be changed and every file has a batch render with plusminus 200 images of which ONLY the paths need to be changed, is there a script out there that already does this? I tried something silly:

outPath = "\\serverlocation"
makedir outPath all:true

Of course it didnt work. So what should I look into? Or is there a script that already does this/ Any help is much appreciated


you should use dotnet api to do it
(dotnetclass "System.IO.Directory").CreateDirectory "yourpath"


Sorry, not really familiar with dotnet api. Especially on how to make that work in this case. Is it gonna be impossible with plain maxscript ?


I think you want to work with server path , the truth is to repath
that’s something complex
for most bitmaps , proxy files and output file path , you can use atsops method
for something from other plugin , the path may not show in asset tracking , you must get all nodes and use the plugin’s api to change
when you have the functions to get all paths you need , you can use callbackswith #filePostOpen or #preRender or others you need to change the path automatic


I tried but nothing happens. In fact if I evaluate the line you gave me with my path it will give the following message:

-- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Illegal characters in path.

I’ve tried both a server path and local path. “\\test\” and “C:\test”.

Could it be because im using a Japanese OS? so the backslash \ will become ¥¥ characters.??


I reposted the post previous
and for this one , when we use a string for path , we need a @ before the string or all \ should be \\ or / , if we not , windows will set them as escape character


Yikes, this goes way above my head. Ill look into atsops and I also found something called substitute string. Do you think that might work?


I didn’t know what you mean this
if you need to plus the new path and the old filename , you can use newpath + "\\" + filenameFromPath oldpath

for atsops , if all your bitmaps in same path , use ATSOps.SetPath newpath , if not ,should use atsops.retargetselection newpath one by one


Ohh now I understand. Theres some miscommunication. I didn’t mean bitmap-path but render-paths for the batch render, see screenshot


if no need to change the assets , re-set the path use batchRenderMgr in a for loop
for i = 1 to batchRenderMgr.numViews do ( (batchRenderMgr.GetView i).outputFilename = newpath + "\\" + filenameFromPath (batchRenderMgr.GetView i).outputFilename )


Oh wow, this worked! this solved everything. Thank you thank you.

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