[SOLVED] Add thickness and preserve front/back textures


Hi there,

I have a plane with two basic materials mapped as front and back in order to get a two sided shader.
Sorry for the crappy example, but you get the idea:

Now, when I add thickness to the plane, one of the two materials is lost:

I tried with an explosion FX and with Cloth Surface with no luck.

Any tips?


The back of the plane/polygon becomes the inside texture of the volume object. The front material is used as outside material.


Adding thickness requires a selection set of polys.


You can also loop select the edge/thickness polys for further separation.



Thanks vid2k2,

That’s the thing, I was trying to avoid manual selections.
I have plenty of objects to go through and I hoped a deformer would be enough, it seems is not the case though.


I don’t know if it helps but did you try a Cloth Surface with a negative thickness? :wink:


Perfect!!! That is working! :grinning: