Solo Mode on a Component Level (rather than Object Level)



Is there a way I can solo selected points, edges or faces in C4D? I understand that you can do so via creating a selection tag and hiding and unhiding it from there. But as you might see, that’s a bit cumbersome if done repeatedly.

You can see what I am after in this illustration:

Is there a way around this?

Thank you


I’ll wait for others to chime in with possible solutions. If none available I do have an idea to create a plugin which does exactly this, or extend my ShowMe plugin with similar functionality.


Thanks @C4DS for taking interest. If you are wondering my usage, it would for proper modelling and weighting points specially with the lips, mouth bag and eyes area.


From the main ‘select’ menu, the following 4 commands are relevant:

  • Hide selected
  • Hide unselected
  • Unhide all
  • Invert visibilkity

I use it all the time for exactly what you are suggesting, Bentraje.


Thanks for the response Decade but that’s not quite the behavior I’m looking.
Please see the attached video in the initial post.

Thank you.


There you go.
In the end, I left it as a simple script.
While it is technically not a plugin I uploaded it at the C4DCafe’s download section under “plugins”.
Named: Hide non-surrounding

Copy the script into the library script folder of Cinema 4D’s preference folder.
Assign a shortcut to the script, and you can use the same shortcut to hide and unhide polygons that are not surrounding your selection (points or edges).


Was away for a few days, but don’t seem to get much response on the script/plugin.
Anyway, it’s available for anyone else to download at the C4DCafe if need be. Might be useful as it is, or might require some adjustments per your personal workflow. Feel free to adapt for your own usage.


pretty useful script actually… thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi @C4DS apologies for the late response. Was away for a holiday.
Just used your script and it works as expected. (

Also, saw your circle script. Thanks for that!

Thank you very much and have a great day ahead!


No worries. Was away for a few days as well. Thanks for the feedback.