solidFractal Usage and Settings


I’ve run across several solidFractals in scenes here at work that have what I’d call ‘excessive’ settings. There’s one floating around with a frequency ratio of 20 and a ratio of 18.

Based on my understanding this means that each successive layer/iteration of noise is 20 times smaller and contributes 18 times more to the final result than the previous layer, making the final layer very small and with a huge impact on the noise values. Mercifully the depth is only set to 3.

So my initial questions are: do these values seem out of whack? Is there a meaningful difference if we produce a similar result by scaling the placement node to 0.0025 (1/(20x20)) and increase the amplitude to 324 (18x18)? This amplitude value still seems a bit wild to me, so it raises a couple more questions: why do you think someone would use these values? And most importantly, are you using solidFractal or do you have another preferred method of adding high frequency noise in a bump channel?

We tend to use VRay for most renders but we’re transitioning some work to Redshift and I’m currently testing Arnold. They all render solidFractal a bit differently but I can get them to be visually similar if I divide the scale of the VRay placement node and the VRay solidFractal amplitude by 2.

Is solidFractal worth it or should we be transitioning to triplanar texturing for our high frequency noise bumps?