SOGM8 #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Hey everyone. Looking forward to drawing everyday. Here’s a WIP concept piece I am doing in conjunction with a clay figure sculpture. Will post more breakdowns and conceptual designs for costume and proportion breakdowns for sculpting purposes.


If you’re interested in seeing the sculpture progress, I’ll be posting that over hereat artstation. Don’t want to crowd the sketch thread with those pictures.


Nice sculpture and sketch SOG!




Really nice start. I find drawing people side on hard to get looking good so I especially admire it when people manage.


Thanks csbutt! I just started doing a new technique for getting the look/proportions right. These thumbnails are pretty small, but I have found for myself drawing this small helps me keep my proportions way more in line. It’s nothing new as far as technique goes, but until now I haven’t really noticed how useful it can truly be. Going to drawing like this from here on out for blocking.

Did some more drawing since my 1:1 size drawing for the clay maquette may not have been drawn proportionally correct as far as the volumes go. So I did it in photoshop to make sure the volume and bony landmark proportions are more the style of what I’d like to sculpt out.

I’ll probably work on hair styles and costume next in the drawings.


Those are some good tips. I also find doing those tiny drawings help me come up with more natural movement. But I still struggle drawing people in profile and making it look good and natural. (It’s probably just a matter of putting the hours in to get better)


Liked your work on the thumbnails. Very dynamic and good anatomy


Thanks again POSEIdOON.

csbutt, yeah your mileage will definitely help. Another thing I’ve found particularly useful the past couple months is drawing figures from circular volumes like below. Start with one circle and then overlap it with another like a sack of potatoes. Give them some overlap and even add contour lines to help your brain make the connection that this 2D image has form and volume to it. Then take the volumes and try creating the human figure from just those overlapping spheres like this:

Here’s my updated character stuff. Costume and hair style work. The closeup heads are not drawn by me. Those are some cheat brushes from Cubebrush.


Cool tip SOGm8vet! Never tried making the human form from some overlapping circles and make volume. I’m going to try that :slight_smile: