software like Shake but for windows??


I’m pretty curious about Vision too - nobody ever tried it?


Vision is Eyeon’s replacement for DFX+. It is essentially Digital Fusion Lite aimed more towards motion graphics. They both share the same workflow and very similar UI and same file format. Limited to 16 bit.


/me blows the dust of the thread

Both Nuke and Fusion come in PLE flavours, much better than trials.


Hi guys, the thing with another compositing software for motion is the lack of plug ins, i havent used Vision it doesnt seem to be any price on their website,you get nodal compositing but can you get any plug ins, AE leads in these field, i might be worng.

But over all seems like a good competitor for AE. WOnder if these products will be available for the Mac.


never going to happen. Nuke, Toxik and Shake yes but I doubt we will ever see DF on osx.


Apparently Fusion 6 will be completely cross platform. From eyeonline’s site: “With the release of 6, Fusion delivers a consistent environment for seamless image quality across multiple platforms, and is available for a single license fee on Linux, Windows x64, Windows 32bit desktop PCs, and Intel-based Macs.”


No, it is not going to run on osx, I have confirmed this with them. It says it right there, “Intel-based macs” which is BS speak for running Windows on your Mac.


That sucks then :frowning: Shame on eyeonine for getting my hopes up!


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