Softimage XSI 7 or Blender?



A couple of years ago I took the opportunity and invested in a Softimage XSI license, when it was still somewhat affordable for me as a hobbyist. I did not have much time to do any 3D work since then and now want to start over again. Having now a valid XSI 7 license (with MR 3.6) and some trainings is it worth investing the time to work with an outdated software? I still like it and have so far not felt too comfortable with Blender (which may change when working with it more often), which is the only alternative I can see at the moment. Or is XSI still ahead in some areas? I will just work on some personal projects for fun and I at least got XSI running on Windows 8.1 64 bit on recent hardware. So this should be ok for some time. I also got the 3delight render plugin working. All other render plugins require a far newer Softimage version. But for me, MR 3.6 would be sufficient of course.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


It is still a good base. And you have ICE which Blender doesn’t.

V7.x certified training:


XSI 7.02 is definitely not obsolete and it has features and workflows other apps still not have. One thing to watch you butt for though: make sure you have the latest Crosswalk that works with XSI 7.0 and test that you can export your work out of XSI, for example in FBX. Since your app is no longer supported, and it’s unlikely you’ll upgrade, you want to make sure your work won’t be locked forever in XSI’s binary file format, and that you have a way out of it. Maybe to take it to another app or a game engine.


@Bullit: Thanks, yes, ICE is indeed a very interesting and something I want to look into. I know the certified training, but at the moment I am watching more basic training for modeling/texturing/rendering and some animation of course. But there is definitely a lot available for learning.

@lucericr: Yes, good point. Never looked at Crosswalk so far, because there was no, or little requirement for integration with other applications. But making sure I have the data in a more portable format certainly makes sense, provided I have any content which is worth it. :wink:
Btw I only know of and have XSI 7.01. Was there ever a 7.02 release?


I assume that was a typo. But luceric working for Softimage/Autodesk might have had access to versions we never saw…


I was wrong, there was a 6.02 but not a 7.02


I used xsi for quite sometime it’s the best public software
For what it does no doubt about it.blender is full featured
Open-source And has everything you need And
You don’t need having cycles as a render engins
And free is quite something. But it’s problem is it is a
Blendercentric software.they listen to blender users.
Who learned to use blender And push blender on
A blendercentric way. So to use blender you should
Be able to deal with all the unconsistencies
And non user friendly short cuts And workflows.
It is not a software that will beg you to join in.
What we have been used too.all commercial
Softwares tries to make any new user the most
Confortable possible. But if only blender could listen
To the non-blender power users. It could easily ne
A dominent software. It has it all sculpting 3d painting
Simulation animation rendering compositing tracking And for free.