Softimage free scripts and plugins.


@Bullit: Excuse my ignorance, but what’s this? Softimage3D? 2006?


No, this was Alias Studio in 2006. I don’t remember what version was.
Just to show how it worked, it as very helpful with several objects in scene.


It looks like the issue of getting what is under the mouse is gone with 2012’s Interaction Tool SDK.


Yes Sir! The new tools SDK offers lot of additional functionality that could also proof useful for QMenu, maybe it will even invocation of QMenus through the mouse if QMenu is declared as a tool. We’ll see. I’m not among the beta testers, unfortunately. Has ne1 here tested Qmenu in 2012 beta?


ENmenu show the Maya-like Menu.



Thanks shi1


I’d like to share two scripts I’ve developed a few days ago.

They are very basic and simple but I use them a lot.

This script align the points close to 0, to 0. (-0.01 ~ 0.01 by default, you can easily edit it).
Deletes the left side of the object.
If there is no left side, it symmetrizes the polygon with Weld Distance : 0.001. So it works like some kind of Toggle Symmetry.

If you press shift, alt or ctrl when you click, it symmetrizes with local reference

Merges the selected objects, rename the merged object with the first selected object’s name, and move it under the first selected object’s parent. So it kinda merges the add-selected objects into the first selected one.
It uses merge with 0.001 of tolerance, Copy Animation and Copy Materials.

I packed this as an addon so it would be easier to install.


Here’s an old set of tools in .xsiaddon format (just drag and drop into any empty viewport)., that I’ve either written or collected, and I use regularly when modeling in SI. I’m a fan of toggling the subd and polygon mode as I model, and I also like all my polygons to have zero discontinuity angle (light and dark are easier to see on faceted form), so there a tool there called Quicklevel. I mapped Quicklevel to the tilde key (kinda like the tab key in Lightwave or the toggle between 1 and 3 in Maya).


Tools in this addon include:

  1. Quicklevel - toggles subd (discontinuity of 89.5) and polygon (discontinuity of 0) I also made this tool to help control the students render time at the end of the semester. This prevented them from increasing the render subdivision level 4.
  2. Stats - toggle stats
  3. Xzero - move points or edges to global X,0 (for character modeling)
  4. CloneOnX - clone half a mesh on X (for sym modeling)
  5. FixSym - deletes and recreates a sym map (good for corrected meshes, final touches)
  6. FlattenNormal - self explanatory
  7. FlattenX - self explanatory
  8. FlattenY - self explanatory
  9. FlattenZ - self explanatory
  10. Solidify (Helgee Mathee’s original thickening tool)
  11. ExtractIslands - self explanatory (A script pulled from Softimage Wiki)


Feather Tools

Styling, Animation, and Simulation of Bird Feathers for Softimage.


function Create_Multiple_Cluster_Centers_e.xecute( )

// ERROR : ‘Create_Multiple_Cluster_Centers_e’

HI~ I use this Jscript
it had a problem how to solve?


You copied the code from the post, I believe the forum breaks up certain code for security reasons. There should be no ‘.’ (dot) after the first ‘e’ in ‘e.xecute’. You’ll have to edit your script to fix each instance of this after pasting the code.



Nice read. Do you have any more tutorials for softimage.