Soft body dynamics result in highly distorted geometry


For a project, I am trying to have letters been blown away by wind like leaves / paper.

I can get the desired effect when I create a collider object (floor), a plane and a wind object (similar setup like in this quicktip:

But whenever I try to use the same setup with the letters, it does not work. It results in highly distorted geometry, no matter how I change the Soft body settings.

The letters are vectors brought in from Illustrator (I simplified the path) and then extruded.

How can I avoid this problem and have the letters behave more like the plane?


Softbody check made of clones

Letter Wind.c4d (55.1 KB)


Thank you for your reply vid2k2. I tried it out but still having problems with it.

I was looking for an effect more like what I did here with the plane:

Paper_wind2.c4d (331.7 KB)

But I can’t make it work with the letters here. The letters are moving in a weird way and also not bending like the paper:

Text simplified2.c4d (313.3 KB)


Have you tried using a rest state and animating it strength?


How can I animate a rest state? Sorry, I am still quite a beginner in C4D…


Check out the attached file, and note the changes in the softbody tag values from defaults. Shape conservation stiffness and Force; Follow position and rotationRest State Text.c4d (829.0 KB)