Soft body dynamics not rendering out in Octane render


Hi guys,
So I have reached the end of my personal project where I want to simulate sushi making. I have been checking most of my things in the Octane Live Viewer, and all seems ok until I left it to render via Picture Viewer and I went to do some other things.

Unfortunately, I realized that the soft body dynamics (which was already cached), didn’t render out as seen in the screenshot. I’m also getting a weird artifact in a frame which didnt appear in the other frames.

I feel like it might be all because of the soft body dynamics, but googling only brings out unchecking render perfect. However, my salmon is not a primitive but an editable poly already.

Hoping to wrap this project up so any help is appreciated. Attaching a link of the project file here (X-particles might be prompted but its not necessary since it was only used for the soy sauce behind not the sushi itself).


I think your sushi intersects with the light …


smacks head omg that was an amateur mistake, that definitely solves the artifact issue.
however i tried recaching dynamics without the light, my salmon’s soft body dynamics still isnt being rendered out.


I prefer lemon with salmon sushi … but the softbody renders out fine here. :yum:
However, I don’t have Octane and trashed all the mats for the render.


Hi thanks for the reply!
I got it to work in the end, I think the FFD deformer under the mesh was causing issues with the render so I was advised by a friend to collapse it.
Lo and behold it worked in the render! The playback in viewport didnt display the salmon falling (might be becos I didn’t recache dynamics) but rendering out works now so I’m just rendering it :grinning:.

Thanks all for helping !