Soccer net dynamics (the spline points are all disconnected) while dynamics are running! problem ⚽


Hello, can someone help me out with this problem? I need to have the points of converted mesh into spline dynamics connected to each other, but they are not in the scene here. PLease take a look. If you can so help me out


Hi! does someone know how to fix the disconected points when i convert plane edges into splines and then put it into dynamics?


You cannot fork splines. in other words: you cannot continue a spline point in more than one direction (and for a net you would need three “forks” for most points).
You will need actual geometry here.


PS Assuming you are using R20, for S26 new solutions exist.


You could use Cloth and an Atom Array, for example.

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That is the good recommendation but i could not make the net looks like on this picture in the way you recommended. Because cloth must have the regular quad polygons.

Yes I use R21 C4D

What do you mean by “You will need actual geometry here”? Do you mean to use the cloth simulation on plane for instance? (As you wrote it)

BTW: I found out that i can use the spline net structure inside of X-Particles… There is a tracer and constraint what works good.