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I had to do some work in photoshop today … It was great working with such a solid program. Altho it could do with some loosening up in areas. One thing I noticed is the solidity of the zoom … so nice. None of this 103% zoom, it snaps to 50% and 100%. Please Corel can you implement the same kinda zoom … pretty please! with a cherry on top!


Painter already allows you do do that.

Go to Edit > Preferences > General and set the Zoom increments to 25% or 50%.

Then, beginning at 100% zoom, click with the Magnifier tool to zoom in, in increments of 25% or 50% (with 25% it would take two clicks to go to 50% zoom, with 50%, one click to 50% zoom).

To zoom out, hold down the Alt/Option key and click with the Magnifier tool to zoom out in increments of 25% or 50%.

If you manually zoom to some odd zoom percent, you’ll need to return to 100% (or some other number divisible by the zoom increment you set) to get your predictable zoom percents back again.

For instance, if you drag a window with Magnifier tool to zoom in, and go to 465%, if you hold down the Alt/Option key and click once, with your zoom increments set to 25%, you’ll go to 440% zoom. If your zoom increments are set to 50%, you’ll go to 415%.


Yes Im aware that we can change the increments that the magnifier tool zooms in and out to. But I often drag a window to zoom in on an area that I want to work on and using the magnifier tool zoom out again. Rather than go from 25.5% to 50.5% it would be nice to go to 50%. I find at 50.5% Painters canvas display is a little messy. Dam, its little touches like this that make me scratch my head. Either Photoshop should take on some of Painters strong points or Painter take on Photoshops, this would make alot of people very happy.
Please excuse me for my dismal understanding of programming, but something like this I would have thought would be relatively easy to implement. Im probably showing the utmost ignorance by making that statement. If Corel were smart they would definitely implement this feature …because… it makes the brushes look so much nicer! Which is the selling point of the program. Once you start viewing at 50.5%, 75.5% the brush strokes look terrible. When I was using photoshop it all looked so nice, making me feel that I was using a better program.


adding to that … when you load in a picture the view percentage can be anything 12, 27, 32 … this means you start zooming at an odd number!


…or get the best version of painter for now - 6.1 :slight_smile:
zooming there is perfectly ,in my opinion faster and better than even in photoshop



DAM! Ive heard of a few professionals still using version 6 … Ive put so much time into learning 7,8,9 …Ive forgotten how good 6 was.


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