Snap question


Hi, so far i know that if snapping is activated and the move tool is selected, when i click on an empty space, I can have the selected object stuck to the cursor by its axis, ready to be dropped to a snap, like a vertex or an edge. that way, if I align its axis to a vertex, i can align an object to another, say vertex to vertex, for example.

what i’d like to do is something similar, but i can’t find a way to achieve it. i want to rotate an object, but instead of using the rotation orb, i’d like to grab it by a vertex so i can snap it somewhere else while using the axis i had set before

TL;DR: I want to rotate the green object so the vertex marked with red snaps to the vertex marked with green on the red object:

do i even make sense? i tried rotating it as is using the orb but it won’t snap.


Tricky to know without seeing the exact orientation of each item… but here’s an approach that might help:
Use the axis centre command to position the axis of each object at that common point - and with z aligned along the edges you want to touch.
Once youve done that you can make the green object a child of the red, and zero out the rotations of the green.