Smoothing a Skinned Mesh: A Story in Six Pictures


Maya Smoothing: A Story in Six Pictures:

1 Base mesh, imported FBX from Daz Studio (Genesis 3 Female)
2 After smoothing, 1 iteration
3 Look, a beautiful mouth
4 to export FBX to Unreal Engine, Delete by Type -> Non-Deformer History
5 About that mouth...
6 ?

I’m a novice with Maya and suspect I’ve made a basic error, either in understanding or execution. Can someone explain why I need to hammer a bunch of weights in order to correct the mesh after smoothing and deleting history?

(Edit: I’ve also tried duplicating the mesh, smoothing it, deleting its history, binding it, copying the weights over from the original mesh, deleting the original mesh - same problem - the teeth and a few other areas have vertices that need hammering).