smooth zoom like in Maya?


Any way to have Max zoom the camera smoothly into the focused object instead of simply teleporting the view to it? Can be handy when trying to keep your bearings in the viewport if there is a lot of walls etc

Have just jumped into Maya for the first time in awhile and realised how useful this ability is.


In a perspective view, it’s either ctrl+W for the zoom tool or ctrl+alt+MMB+move mouse up/down for direct zoom without leaving current tool. Not in front of my PC right now but I think these are the correct shortcuts.
I a camera view these do not work, you’ll have to move the camera.


There’s no one click option that will smoothly animate the view towards the selection, just either pop the view to the selection or you can use the zoom tools to zoom in.


curious. Thought there might have been an config file hack or something somewhere.
Thanks anyway.


I now see that you meant something else. There’s a smooth transition when using the viewcube and switching between viewpoints but there’s no zoom option from what I can see.


As Marcin suggested, you can smoothly zoom if you hold down ALT+CTRL + middle-mouse button, and then move your mouse forwards and backwards.


this is kinda a dirty way. if you don’t mind using temporary camera object and messing up with your time configuration a little.

fn dirtyZoom =
if $ != undefined do
currentZoomPos = (Inverse(getViewTM())).row4
viewport.ZoomToBounds false $.min $.max 
targetZoomPos = (Inverse(getViewTM())).row4
cam = targetCamera pos: currentZoomPos target:(targetObject pos: targetZoomPos)
viewport.setCamera cam
with animate on
at time 0 (cam.pos = cam.pos)
at time 30 (cam.pos = targetZoomPos)
animationRange = interval 0 29
timeConfiguration.playbackLoop = false
delete cam
max tool zoomextents

Evaluate this code. Select the object to frame and type dirtyZoom() on the listener.


I think people misunderstood me. I don’t mean for the purposes of animation, just viewport navigation. Many RTS games use it too actually. It’s a funny little thing, but makes a huge difference in keeping your bearings in the viewport when you hit the hotkey to zoom/focus to your selection.

I now think though it is a hardcoded behaviour of the 3ds max viewport. Bummer.


I guess since being a Max user and never having it control the camera like that I haven’t missed the feature.


so i’ve been trying to figure out how to smoothly zoom in maya a long time to get those tedious spots, and i found it works for me using ALT + Right mouse click!