Smallpoly_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


I like the Spare parts robot. Good work. The robot-doodles are also very nice! I like the one with the face :slight_smile:


The suicidal robots made me laugh out loud! Ahaha Very cool stuff SmallPoly :smiley:


Holy shiiieeeeetttt. You’re so creative (and productive) ! I’m in awe !
Those drawings are so beautiful and funny ! So inspiring too !! :eek:


love your sketches very loose and with a pen :applause:


Good call on Josan.
Interesting ideas in the robo suicide doodles. I like that your showing practice images leading to the final.


@grafik, LadyMedusa, POSEIdOON, WyattHarris: Thanks guys! I’m having a lot of fun doing the robots, so I think I’ll be doing more in the future.

@Lammakian, Khosi: Thank you!

Did some more suicidal robot stuff for day 20, this time as a comic strip sort of thing and started up a page on the comic hosting site “Tapas”. Did another one last night too I haven’t scanned yet. I think the next time I do one of these challenges I should start off doing one extra so I can be more on top of things and post in the morning or afternoon instead of posting each new one at 2AM the next day. :wink:


Very good drawings! luscious lines.
I like your humor, as you run the thread all the way through.


Ehehehnot an easy existence! Your work really excels in the thumbnail format.


Day 21


I love that panel - ‘wait, I dont breathe’. haha.

Can’t wait to see the last day :slight_smile: You can do it!


Loved to see your work man! Waiting to see your final piece tomorrow because tonight i need to rest and i’ll continue to follow your work on social media. So if i don’t see it tomorrow i’ll find you in 2018 (this seemed a stalker line! lol)
Merry Chrismtas and a Happy New Year!!!


Thanks guys! Final one. Glad this thing is over because I’m ready to relax.

14x17 this time. My mom had asked for a botanical drawing for Christmas, so I wanted to do that one last so I could benefit from the practice.

Just can’t get this non-photo blue pencil to come out.

Tried out an ink wash on a second page, but ended up deciding against it.


Hey man! Congratulationson completing!
Great finish pieces, day 21 is one of your best! It was a pleasure to see your daily works!


Botanical drawings require a lot of skill and patience. You did really good :).
Nice to see you finish. It’s been a long ride and I think we all have earned us a little break. Happy holidays!


Loved this ending piece! Really great inking skills :slight_smile:
Happy well deserved rest! Ehehe


These drawings are very beautiful! The Pentel brush works well, I like to use it too.
Merry Christmas Michael!:applause:


Congrats on completing! Happy Holidays to you!