Smallpoly_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Then day 10 was mostly the Speedball dip pen and the pentel brush pen for the large areas…


Very good :). I did like your animal portraits better though.


Excellent stuff!


@LadyMedusa Thank you. That’s always the dilemma, right? Show your best work by doing what you’re already have a lot of practice in, or practice by doing what you’re weaker at.

@grafik Thanks!


^ That’s true. Only way to get better at something is to practice a lot. Not saying they’re bad though, because they are still really good.


This drawing is like an old good book illustration to me. :slight_smile:


@Beatrix I red some of the old Oz books with the woodcuts, growing up. Maybe it’s had an effect on me. :slight_smile:

Day 11, a study succulent Christmas tree based on a post that was on Reddit today. I think it came out alright but the background was a struggle for sure. Mainly the speedball dip pen again, though I did the outline and some of the blacks with a bold Pilot G2.


Lovely details SmallPoly! Beautifull


Thank you for sharing your setup for :smiley: your video making. This is awesome.
I love the way you ink. The way just black and white form a detailed scene. The dogs are especially gorgeous. One can see you, like them.
Have you ever thought to try etching or aquatinta (though I have no idea what those raisin shakers cost) there are small presses one could use at home for a decent price.
And I could imagine those works really good printed.


@POSEIdOON Thank you!
@RocaTeithmore No problem. I’d been wanting to try that kind of video for a while and before then had been a little stuck figuring out the setup myself. I’ve never tried anything with etching so far, but I’m curious.

Day 12 - brush pen again, with the red fills done with a red Crayola marker (hey, if it works…) and some of the smaller lines with a extra fine Pilot G2.


OoOoo colors :). Very nice


Very nice!


Smallpoly, man, you’ve got the taste! Enjoyed your entries a lot!


@LadyMedusa: Thanks! I like using black + white + red a lot for plant illustration, so there will probably be a couple more later on.
@Beatrix and @nkirill: Thank you!

Today’s is another one out of my usual comfort zone - drawing environment panels from imagination. I get stuck a lot in the storytelling and trying to figure out things about the space, so I end up making lists and drawing things out individually before attempting the final thing. This is one place the blue pencil is really coming in handy. I redid the chair something like four times before I inked it. I’m having a lot of trouble with knowing how to effectively use line width as well.


Oh I cannot see you’re out of your comfort zone. Really interesting setup for a desktop. And I like the random cat xD
The poppy is so vibrant. The color really pops out. That is what I like on pictures with a small use of color so much.


Very nice last works! I like particularly the experiment with color.


Last ones are very good, it was interesting to see the idea development for the interior sketch.


I really like your quick sketches :slight_smile:


Your drawings are very beautiful and form a fantastic sketchbook!
I really like the tree.:slight_smile:


@RocaTeithmore Thank you. One of the other things that I really struggle with here is that when it’s from imagination it’s less certain how it’s going to come out. There’s a million different ways to stylize.

@Doomov Thanks! I’m thinking of doing a few more of those.

@LadyMedusa I find it’s a lot easier to be loose with the sketches since there just isn’t the same kind of feeling it has to be “good”.

@STFVIT Thank you! I liked how that one came out too.

Done with today’s, this time going for both sci fi environment stuff and some storytelling elements. Some of the other people posting are doing a really great job of that so it’s making me really want to keep practicing that area. This one was mostly with a Pilot V Ball, fills with the Pentel brush pen, and the very thin lines with the ultra fine Pilot G2.