Smallpoly_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


@LadyMedusa Thank you! I think this one feels less flat than some of the ones I’ve done in the past.

Final shots of Day 2:


You serious gear there!
Actually this seems more flat to me then your previous ones. But even like that i love your lines


Just… wow! I did love that you show the original piece before inking.


Beautiful work, congratulations.
I really like your design and inking.


Exploring different inking styles? The first and third one maybe a bit more time consuming process, no? I like both styles.


Video for day 2 is up! Now just need to wrap up day 3.



You seem very professional :). I think you should draw Blueberry one time


Thank you. I watch youtube all the time so I’ve been dying to try my hand at things for a while now. Blueberry is a little sweetheart. If I draw here it’ll probably need to be from a photo - she’s really active.

Day 3:


I like the video. Like a small(ipolly) ceremony. :slight_smile:


Howdy Smallpoly! I forgot you changed your handle. Excellent start.

I noticed the heat sinks on your GoPros. Never heard of modding a camera that way. Were you having a problem with heat?


@WyattHarris Thanks! Yeah - previously these ones were being used in a 360 video capture rig at work, so they had an issue with heat when used for a long time. They still get pretty warm, but for the short term I’m mostly going to be repurposing them for photogrammetry.


Oh cool. That’s a doozy of a GoPro harness. :smiley:


Its great to see you work. Loved the vídeo, following your youtube.
I’m a big fan of sketchs because you can see mistakes in the lines and understand the proccess, but with a vídeo is even better :slight_smile:


I’m glad traditional media is also allowed so we get to see all this. I concur with being impressed with your penmanship, and I love the layouts with the graphically shaped frames. Looking forward to more!


Those penmanship skills, man, that’s awesome ! Really like your cross hatching, really pretty and tasteful… Great stuff.
I also enjoyed the video. I would have liked a bigger image though, so that we can appreciate the details. Maybe you can zoom in a little bit ? :slight_smile:

PS : what a glorious mustache.


@WyattHarris Yeah, sure is.

@POSEIdOON Thanks, that’s really encouraging to do more videos in the future. :slight_smile:

@Ranarh Me too. I feel a little bit silly about posting #madewithwacom on inked work, but I suppose a little bit of the image cleanup is.

@Lammakian More zoomed in is a good idea. As long as I keep it taped down it shouldn’t be too tough to keep it centered.

We had a power outage last night from a fire in a nearby city, so this next one is a little late and was done by flashlight. This one was with a brush pen I got in… one from Pentel that has actual bristles (similar to water brushes) instead of the flexible felt tip that never seems to last very long on the Pigma Microns. This one was also a self-portrait.

Actual bristles!

Could use a bit more practice with this pen, but I love the variety of line widths you can get with it - this is all just the one pen.


Day 5. This time using a dip pen again.


Serious series, nice drawings!


Very coolself-portrait and day 5.
Thelinework in your drawing is very refined, especially when you do the crosshatching.


Great stuff SmallPoly!
That last pen you show is great and makes the line less “mechanic”. Really like it