Slow saves with Maya Referencing


Does anyone know how to help speed up Maya load/save times when using referenced files? I have a referenced rig file with muscle added to my scene, once I added the reference it takes around 5 minutes to both load and save the file. I’ve read some older threads about using scripts such as REM_Lightlink to remove the light linking, however that doesn’t seem to help.

I’m using Maya 2013.5 Extension Release


Maya takes EXTREMELY long time or FREEZES on saving the file.

Are either/both of your files .ma files?
These typically take a good chunk more time to save than .mb files.

Also, are you writing to a 3.5" floppy disk?
I would recommend getting an Iomega Jaz drive that might help speed things up. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply animatedfox. Yes, both files are .ma files. I’ll try saving them out as .mb files and see if that helps.

“Also, are you writing to a 3.5” floppy disk?
I would recommend getting an Iomega Jaz drive that might help speed things up."


Switching them to both .mb files doesn’t seem to make a difference. Also, the file being saved out that includes the referenced rig is only 17Mb.


Hmmm…well that was my only thought.
So, fingers crossed someone else can weigh in


Not sure if it is similar, but i found slow saving could be caused by way too many items in the root of the outliner.
Group them and stuff is back to smooth.

Maybe one of the files got this problem, or the all have a little bit and add up to a lot ?!

good luck


Is it also slow to save if you import the references in your scene?

Do you have a lot of history on your objects?


I have had this issue before. It happens when you have a bunch of reference edits, many are probably bad. Open up your reference editor, open reference edits and remove all bad links. sometimes there are hundreds in there. Sometimes you have to unload a reference to delete its edits and reload it. of course be careful what edits you remove, use the search string to speed the process up.

if you have a bunch of objects and then you select them all and then turn on / off various parameters, be aware that each one of those edits is a new reference edit entry, and if you change your reference around, those reference links get broken, and you may have months of broken links accumulating in the edits…


Sounds like a junky file. The .ma file with the muscles that you’re loading…what’s the filesize? If it’s huge…then you’re going to need to make that file smaller in order to get faster load times, no way around that. You might want to run some of the file optimization commands (be careful, some can destroy your scenes) or if you’re good at recognizing wasted nodes clean up your .ma file thats causing the load time issues.

If you’re an experienced pro and you’ve handled this file the right way (small file, streamlined, fits with your pipeline and is optimized etc)…I’m not sure what would cause insane reference loading times…too little info to go off of.


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