Slow load up times


My model is pretty dense, but opens quickly when I delete the decals.

With decals it takes about two minutes just to open it , and I can hear the hard drive chugging away.
I’m getting a LOT of pop ups that say that my Virtual Memory minimum is too low and that Windows is readjusting it.

It takes around 700 MB to open the model

I have one stick of 1 GB, and this is on a 1.6 Centrino Tablet PC with a Geforce FX 5200 32 MB.

I consolodated the project ( though I’m still not sure what consolidating does . )

Any ideas on how to make this load up faster ?

Thanks in advance.

Edit : I have another quetion. How do I play the scrub bar in slow motion without manually dragging the slider at a slower speed … I 've wondered that one for a long time .


You can scrub through the animation by hitting the + and - keys on the numberpad. That way, you can adjust the playback speed by how fast you hit the keys.

Consolidating the project just puts all the models and stuff in your project into one folder. It makes it easier to move the project file to another computer, but I don’t think it has any impact on loading speed.



HTH ? What is HTH ?


HTH = Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


You might just only have to defrag your hard drive. Virtual memory can end up all over the place if you don’t have a specific size set (either Windows recommended or double your real RAM), and that space, if set, would need defragging once in a while, as well. (If you defrag, make sure to temporarily disable Virtual Memory before you defrag so its areas can be defragged, too.) For future reference, experts say to set the size of Virtual Memory early on so it will be in the fastest seek areas of the hard drive before other programs are loaded on to it. The other good option is a speedy second hard-drive (usually hard to do in a laptop) where the first partition is set aside for Virtual Memory. I’ve personally done that one for years and it seems to work.

Other than that, how much space do your decals take up? You might have to compress your decals (use jpgs) if you’re being overly ambitious or get more RAM. Your 1GB should usually suffice. Are you using procedural materials, too? Their calculations take up RAM. Windows itself can use up to a couple hundred megabytes on a good day.



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