Skoda 1000MB 1964



after veeeeery long time I tried to start new project. I do this jsut for relaxing purpouse.
I believe that I will learn how to work with polygons again and you will like my work :slight_smile:

The Škoda 1000 MB and Škoda 1100 MB are two rear-engined, rear-wheel drive small family cars that were produced by Czechoslovak manufacturer AZNP in Mladá Boleslav between 1964 and 1969.


Small progess with interior



Few more updates


I have still some work to do and fix but thistime I spent some free time with first render tests to check materials.


Looks good so far


Thank you FatherN :wink:

This is new version of tire because the old one wasn’t from that era :slight_smile: So this should be more accurate to 1964


Looks nice. What’s the software you’re using?


Tnx m8 :wink: I’m using 3DS MAX 2014 + VRAY
If you have some hint how to do nice glass material I will appreciete it :wink:



OK, let’s continue. I have new ref. images so som parts need to be fixed and some remodeled.
Anyway i have this beatiful texture for rear and front light from original car shooting. I hope you like it :wink:


Hi. The model looks great so far. Unfortunately I don’t have any tips for vray materials. I work with blender and Cycles and it’s a totally different world.
Nevertheless, a layer of very subtle surface imperfections on the glass, especially near the edges would give a realistic touch in your renders.