I must have sent a hundred job applications 9 times out of 10 I don’t even get a response, when I do it’s just to say that they ‘recieved my application bla bla bla’

a while back I attended a job fair, an art related job fair, I marketed myself as a storyboard artist and got a bunch of feed back on my work. didn’t actually get a job, but the feed back was actually relatively encouraging. I feel like it gave me more direction, I think my best chance at getting a job in this field is to develop portfolio work geared towards a very specific position, then market myself at events like that.

It gave me hope … got me thinking and feeling like this may actually be possible … I may actually be able to get a job doing this as a living.

but right now I feel like I need to revise my entire portfolio :confused:


if you want to build a new set of storyboards for a portfolio, how do you pick out your subject matter, how do you decide what to board? do you look up a script on google? pick something out of a comic book? reboard something you saw on TV?



so how do you pick out subject matter of what you want to board?

I’m at about 60 frames right now but the script isnt done. Im wondering if i should continue or just leave it at that