Hello, do someone knows if can I lock the morph percentage after it has get the 100% of the morph that is correcting an elbow for exapmple?

I´m trying to make differents corrections with the shoulder and elbow of my character but after I bend my elbow more than the angle where I have correct it starts to return to zero and get the mesh as it dosn´t have done any fix.

Please, someone knows something about?

Thank you!



I wonder if you are looking for a solution to a problem that should not exist in the first place.

If your mesh topology was correct, your bones in the right place and the vertex-weights correct, would you need the skin morph at all?

I’m not particularly good at rigging or character animation, but, you appear to be hoping to achieve something relatively simple and yet the complexity of your approach is disproportionate to that simplicity. If you try and do complex character-animation with that approach, your brain will explode!


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Saw this a while ago.

Should help for cartoon-characters.


Back to the original post, I´m doing that question becuase I feel it would be a friendly option to have a way to lock the deformation after it has get the 100% and not go back again to zero once it overcome the amaximum deformation angle.
That been said, maybe I was missing for some kind of option that do it.

Thank you!


Character-animators at Pixar and Dreamworks just use the handles provided by the riggers. They just animate and are not constantly trying to correct the results of bad topology/rig for every movement. Character animation alone is slow work without the need to fudge. Spending time on the mesh-topology and rig will save you time in the long run.

I believe, though I may be mistaken, that Morphing is pretty much reserved for just the face alone.


if you have 2017+ I think, you can add a Data Chanel Modifier, use the Delta Mush preset…give that a go…what have you got to lose ?


Thank you Vusta, for the moment I´m using skinmorph and i´m getting used to the way it works. Anyway asap I`ll try this tool.

Thank you for your time!


Don’t worry, you are not doing anything overly complex for a good professional rig.

It’s common to use skinmorph to correct joint deformation (no matter how good you are at weight painting, the elbow and knee will never deform realistically without some sort of morph correction).

I don’t know if this video has the answer you are looking for, but it’s a good tutorial for the tool: