Sketchbook Topic: April 2018


Hello everyone, This monthly topic covers both February and March. There is no Challenge. There are no Prizes.
The goal is plain and simple: Draw, Design or 3d model a Camp site or a Trader. Any art style.
The items they sell, The props, The buildings, The mood of the area. Anything you like related to the topic!


Hey I can get involved!


Awesome! I’ll get a design up too!


Cool! I can start now that I know someone else is getting involved haha


Cool Im going to retake my sketches and one of them its going to be a “trader”


I’ve been way too busy so here’s my sketch. Wanted to do a line art overview but it was taking too long.

Heres the discarded sketch. Might get back to it some day in the future.


Awesome! I definetely get Division vibes.

What do you think Adrian, should we extend this to April as well?


Thanks man, Got the art of book for it on my left here!

Ofcourse we can extend this! Consider it extended!