Sketchbook Thread of Splinter


Tupac Shakur Charcoal Portrait


What’s up guys and gals. I just realized that I still haven’t posted the final product of my James Bond portrait, so I’m just gonna do it now :slight_smile:


Next up on my list is a ZBrush model that I start from a basic sphere and I’m now trying to get a likeness of my friend. He and I are working on a project that will hopefully get completed in a couple of months


It’s a new year and a fresh start. I always love the new years just because for me it always makes me feel good… hopeful for what’s to come.

I always have some sort of New Year resolution and it always involves exercise and losing weight. This year I’m dedicating to my art and my animation. I only want to keep learning, keep practicing, and keep getting better all year round.


I’ve continued working on my Troll Berserker. Just finished laying out the UVs


Recently I’ve been working on a caricature of myself. I started with a sketch then I moved on to Zbrush.

… more to come.


A friend of my sister’s passed away not too long ago and he had these words tattooed on his chest. My sister asked that I design a tattoo with the same words. I added the wings and posed them in a way that they would look like they are gently protecting what’s on the inside.

Right now I’m experimenting with ink and different types of paper. I have a few different size dip pens and an ink brush. They get a little messy, but I’m really enjoying using them.


Started working on the shoe for my self caricature. This is just the base mesh that I will later take into ZBrush for detailing.


Here is what I have so far with the rest of the caricature.


Wow, I just looked at this thread and saw how far back my caricature dates back. Still working on it. Just finished making the normal maps and I’m working on the color maps now. I’m hoping to get into the rigging process real soon.


Happy New Year!
Time to renew my New Year’s Resolution, just like an old magazine subscription. Here is my first character sketch for 2017.


Alright here are my first two characters for 2017. Now I need to pick my favorite one so that I can try and make a quick character sheet and move on to a quick zbrush sculpt. Anyone who visits my sketch book and notices my post feel free to vote on your favorite one.


This male rabbit character was everyone’s favorite. Here is what I came up with for the 3D sculpt.


I almost forgot, there is a quick character sheet for this little guy too.


Time to share a couple more characters.




I almost forgot my Luchador


First Demon Character