Sketchbook Thread of Splinter


I’ve been hanging out at conceptart lately and working on some character concepts. Here is the latest one.


Last update on the orc


Thought that I would do a female bust for some practice. Here is Study no. 01


I finally get to put portraits 09 and 10 up.

C&C is always welcome :slight_smile:


I’m starting to really feel a rhythm.


Portrait 12

Plus a fast male anatomy study


Portrait 13 WIP


I’m keeping myself really busy. Hopefully I don’t over do it again, and force myself to take a long break. I think I’m at my limit right now. Here is a look at some sketch studies of the Olympic boxing events. These are done for the Hardcore Modeling Challenge. I’ll be posting my updates here and my HMC WIP thread here


Whoo, finally finished portrait 13


I realized that these portraits are starting to take longer to complete. The first five or so I only spent about an hour on. Now I want to spend more and more time on them. I’ll find something new to work on here or something there. In order to move on with more and more portraits I have to pull myself away from them at some point, Lol. This one took a little over four hours.

I also did a timelapse of the drawing session. Here are the links.




Ahh… portraits, how I’m beginning to love thee. :slight_smile: I’m starting number 15 on my list. It’s really starting to feel therapeutic to do these. There is a routine that I’m starting to feel. I just realized that I haven’t been flipping the images like I’ve been wanting to. I need to add that into the line drawing phase. I know when I flip the image it saves me a lot of hassle in the end, I just get too anxious and move right on past it. Next time I guess o.O, Lol


It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Anyway I want to post some of my work for my short animation entry.


It has definitely been awhile since I was last able to practice or just play around with anything. Today I decided that I was going to do a little work in ZBrush just before bed. I worked on creating a person. I tried a couple of different approaches for each feature. So there was a lot of trial and error here. I think if I want to get back into the swing of creating my own characters and art work then I’ll have to continue to do a lot more of these little sessions. I had a lot of fun and I can’t wake to get back at it :slight_smile:


I’ve decided to start doing quick sketches, just to get myself back in the groove. I might not have the desired time to fully render something, but doing this I think will encourage me to find the time.

Here is a sketch I did in a few minutes.


Gestures… MmhhMMM just did that o.O


well, not bad but i think that you should try to push value contrast a little bit more plus anatomy studies of course… :stuck_out_tongue:


This sketch was a lot of fun. I’m moving on, even though part of me wants to add a crosshatch texture to the pants.

I did try to add some more contrast to the shading, but I think I will have to try and push it a little more and get some better results next time.


Woot!!! I just got my first set of dip ink pens!!! I had to try something really quick.


Started a new portrait today. It’s been fun working on this one. I still plan on putting a little more time into it. Hopefully later on today I can find some time to finish this one up.

As for now I have to head to work.


Working on this one a little more.