Sketchbook Thread of Splinter


the form looks a bit weird lol like she is bulimic or anorexic, especially in the neck area she seems a little too bony. But your work overall is quite nice definitely the gesture drawing remember to draw and keep a log of the action of the pose.


add some more warm tones like some reds you have orange and yellow, probably in the flame. And try cleaner mixes of the colors especially the purple and yellow since they are from different harmonies from that I mean cool and warm. I think looking at the flame it has the most potential and could possibly be a focal point since that is what is even being looked at by the character. So you can set the mood of everything to that, just a suggestion.


Nekotiq - Thank you so much for the advice. I agree with you on both pieces of work. For some reason I have the most difficulty with colors and environments, but I’m hoping to change the degree of difficulty for me in those areas. With the digital painting I am having some issues so it will probably be a little while before I can show an update. I’m hoping it will be done by Wednesday, and I will definitely be using your advice.

Thanks again.


This has been a really busy last few weeks, but I think that things are finally starting to slow down :slight_smile: So I can’t wait to start updating and continuing my studies.


hope to see some more from you soon.


Lol, so here I go again. I have two projects that I am working on now. I’m going to to eventually try and finish my “Dreamscape” project, but since the challenge is over. It’ll probably not progress as fast as when the challenge was going on. Now I am trying to work on the Dominance War V challenge. I really enjoy these challenges, because I learn so much in so little time. I only hope that I can finish one LMAO!


I have been trying to improve my skills by watching some of the videos from Digital Tutors. My last session was over ZSketching and this picture shows the results from that session.


Here is another quick idea for my DMV “Goddess of Retribution” entry


Here are a few speed modeling projects I just recently finished, each were done within a 2 hour time limit.


I just finished an 18" x 24" graphite drawing. The whole purpose was just to explore a little with line wait and mark making.

Here is what I came up with…


I’m practicing lines and shadows. This is a Still Life that I put together for reference.


Working on a self portrait, but it’s doesn’t look a whole lot like me o.O

I’m going for a mischievous expression here.


The subject is how we sometimes wear our smiles, but the true emotions are hidden under the masks we show. In the end I liked the drawing, but I still have issues with the proportions of the hand (they’re off) and the ear. I left out one of the ears because it’s supposed to be lost in the shadows. Only I messed up because I highlighted the jaw line on that side when it should have been hidden too. I also think that the darkest shadows could have used some black to enforce the reason for the missing ear and emphasize the message a little more.

C&C welcome :slight_smile:


So here is a link to a zbrush timelapse that I created last night. I think it made for a pretty good practice session :slight_smile:



Here are a couple drawings I started in photoshop for fun.


Hey Splinter. Enjoyed looking at your concept work. Great lines. Did you ever finish “Goddess of Retribution?” Post a link if you did.


Sadly no, I didn’t finish goddess of retribution but I did get a little further with the concept. Here she is when I last worked on her.

I really was liking the way this character was starting to look. I think if I am ever looking to model a character just for fun I think this might be the one for me to consider.


A little time spent goofing off with photoshop =D


Hi everybody. So… now I’m trying not to let any of these studies exceed past 3 mins. That way I not only study anatomical layout but train my eye to pick up detail quicker. Hope it works out for me :wink:

These studies are coming from George Bridgman’s Complete guide, and any face or ref pic to coincide with whatever topic I just so happen to be on in the Bridgman book.


Here is a quick sculpt I started. I’ll be picking it back up soon.

Click on to view the timelapse :slight_smile: