Sketchbook Thread of Splinter


It’s been a while since I have felt this serious about where I want to be as an artist. I have regained the inspiration and drive that I lose from time to time. I have a few goals set in place that I think will help me stay on track this time.

I picked up a couple of books to study from and I decided to use them as guides to lead me to my ultimate goal of becoming a better artist.

This is the fruit of my labor so far, Lol

[left]Hopefully I will have something new to post at least every other day if not everyday.


Here are the drawing studies I did today. The first two were done with Photoshop and Posemaniacs was used for the references. The gestures were 90 secs long. The “Held Pose” was 20 mins long. The 3rd image shows wrinkle studies done in Charcoal and Biggie Newsprint paper.



And another day bites the dust, Lol

Not as many as before.  Although I did try and do a concept from the "Daily Sketch Forum."  The topic is "Purple Heart," with 30 min time limit.  I tried to take a different route with the title instead of using the the award receive by a soldier in war.  My concept leaned more toward a mystical treasure.



[left]Well… looks like I was doing some cleaning up and didn’t realize that some of my pictures were going to disappear on here, Lol. I guess this post now gets to serve as some sort of placement holder, Lol


wow …lovely lines…


Just what I was thinking dscavenger. These are really basic but your feel for the lines is really dynamic. There’s definitely a natural talent to the way you draw. Am looking forward to seeing more - keep it up !


Thank you for the encouragement guys I really appreciate it!:bowdown:

I’m thinking about giving Dominance War a try. That is, I think I will give it a try until I here what the big CG Society Challenge is going to be about.

So, on that note here are a few concepts that I have played with for the shadow class character.


Here is a drawing that is still in the WIP status as of right now.


I started playing with ZBrush and did this head study today. I really like the software!


Here is the finished study


These are the gestures that I did today. The last one I did, I wanted to try out a new approach. That approach is to do the silhouette and then do the contours over it. I’m going to try all my gestures this way again tomorrow.


Lovely gestures… I struggle with these but continue to work on them. btw… is that study of the gal above from a Maxim Magazine? What issue? I can see the Maxim “M” in the background of the in progress photo you posted.


Yeah, it actually came from an old issue of Maxim. (Dec 2008)

Here are some more studies I did today. I tried a new approach at doing the gestures in photoshop, and it was crazy challenging for me. I tried to capture a quick silhouette first then throw some contour drawings on top of that. Challenging but lots of fun :thumbsup: (90 sec gestures)

[left]The older pics on here were moved or deleted, sooo… I really liked this form of practice so I’ll do another and post them here as a replacement.


nice studies. practice proportion. a good source, and you’ll read it all over this site, is andrew loomis’ figure drawing for what it’s worth. i did a couple of studies from the begining and improved on my proportions of the body. what relates to what. there’s still much for me to learn, but that book really helped me out. have fun and keep posting.


It’s been awhile since I posted on here. I’ve been so caught up with working on the Dreamscape project that I just haven’t been doing a whole lot of anything else. Later on today, I’m gonna try and start a whole new drawing hopefully I can show that here soon. Hahahaha… hopefully I can meet the deadline for the Dreamscape project too!


I’ve been working on the CG Challenge for CG Society and these are the concept drawings for my main characters.


Soooo… I’ve been wanting to work with acrylics for a long time now. So I thought I would try and come up with the concept, then transfer it to a canvas later.

I’m going to call it “Fire Stance”


Here is an update on my new painting I’m working on.


3 hours into it. So far this is the results. I always have a little difficulty when it comes to backgrounds and color. I’m hoping I can turn that weakness around.


Ok… Color is super hard. Especially since I’m not using a reference for the color. :shrug: