Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


Samanthie, yes he would have to be darker, in fact we would see only his head top, forehead and nose :wink: But then I would loose the whole idea of painting his portrait, so I will leave logic behind and paint him like there was some light source somewhere, maybe we see him with elven eyes :wink: Really, there could be some for example gate to a camp with torches, whatever, it’s out of vision and serves only one goal - lets me paint him brighter. I’ll darken him a bit in the end, but have to find out his face lines finally. I’m changing nose length and shape again, can’t work out cheek muscles and darker areas.

Auria, if I haven’t saved versions I would not know what his faced looked like before :wink: Though I’m still little chicken to make real changes and get details right.
I see that slouching, too and it is not intentional, but I can’t find out what is making it. The shawl’s curls or the invisible neck? I’ll try to get rid of it.

NR43, the light source in reality are only the stars, but as I said to Debbie it would mean we see only his nose and forehead :wink: So let’s say there are some torches/lamps over his head in some distance to give mild top light, strong enough to let me paint him. I will darken him a bit in the end to fit background better, but I don’t like totally dark portrait. So, the light is somewhere above in front of him.
I’ve got too many variants of his face saved and still it’s not might. I’ll try to be bolder, but what I’m afraid of is making more anatomically proper face but loose him in it.

I thought this handsome version of him will help me paint his portrait:

but I ended up detailing it (reference). There are some mistakes, but anyway things invisible on face covered with skin :wink: I watched some photos, anatomy drawings and still mess the muscles on cheeks at the main painting O_o But maybe it will help me in the end.


After comparing what I’ve got now with my favourite WIP I decided I was too bold and lost his face:

Tomorrow I’ll try to make the final variant with fixed nose/mouth area but the old face. I hope there is no slouching anymore?

Anyway I finally learned a few details more about tricky face muscles and got here scull experiment, oh alines :wink:

I’ve got a question. A friend told me today to use not perspective in such portrait for we see the face from a distance long enough to see both eyes in the same perspective; not only here but in portraits generally. Before I was told by someone else to use perspective in portraits. Do we have different schools? In fact I prefer when eyes are the same size and moth are in line, but I have no idea what is proper.


Hello :slight_smile:
I don’t use perspective lines to do portraits. I think if you continue to do them your should do it more subtle, as I think it sometimes distort your drawings. But I’m really not an expert on that part :slight_smile:

Very good that you’re studying the muscles in the face (yes they are tricky!) I found a lot of help from this site:
It shows you how the muscles create the basic facial expressions (You have to play around with it a bit… Click where it says level II at the top)

I think the recent skull you did looks like he has too high a forhead and too much skull on top. Plus his right shoulder seems too high. The folds in the cloth look nice and I like what you did with the stars.
It’s great to see someone with so much dedication to what they’re doing.


Amazing site, thank you! :slight_smile: This scull would serve as a good hanger for the double crown of North and South Egypt :wink: He looks like an alien or ghoul O.o Let’s believe his real scull looks more natural under his hair. I need to make some real studies of muscles and sculls for human kind, then experiment with non-human yet very similar species, for I’m afraid Tolkien would not accept such alien scull for his Firstborn :wink:

Ah, that arm too high must make him look like slouching, thank you for noticing that. I wanted the material to be thick and fold high atop shoulders but then I made it flat on the other side, it doesn’t work. I’ll move the folds lower, then it should look better.


Hi karol
Excellent works in sketch…love the hair. And the last figure is nice
Keep up friend


[left]Gisaiagami, thank you :slight_smile:

I’m trying to bring him to an end, but for unknown reason I gave him mean expression in this latest step:


[left]I don’t see it normally till I flip horizontally. I don’t want him too look hostile but thoughtful, need to pay attention to the face expression on the site iuvo linked below. Now it’s too late, after 4AM, I should be sleeping for hours now O.o
I have moved the shawl lower on the left (his right), also moved his chin&mouth higher and hair line lower instead of making longer nose. (And sharpened a bit bottom of the chin.) I hope it helped to get better proportions.
I definitely let him have too much mess in hair :wink: Bottom layer is painted directly on shawl, I’m too lazy to fix it so I guess he’ll have to live with that.


First I’ve been away from home, than too busy to do anything. And I’m still ill after I got cold while being in another city. Now I finally come back to art and plan to take my tablet’s pen into hand today :slight_smile:

During my net absence I went to Comics Festival in Łódź, Poland (5 & 6 X 2007) to attend a meeting with Grzegorz Rosiński, my favorite comic series creator - Thorgal Saga. I’ve watched a video showing his painting process from first sketches (he does a lot of them for one single cover painting, using various pencils, pens & other stuff) up to the final result in a form of oil painting. It makes me want to try more traditional media, too, though I’ve never worked with oils nor really tried watercolors (he does covers in oils and pages in pencils and/or inks and watercolors).

But, that in the future. Now here is a quick practice with pencil, ball pen, some liquid pen and marker I did after the con:

Reference for the first portrait, haven’t seen the other on-line - images from ‘Alinoe’ by Rosiński & Van Hamme. The likeness is not that accurate, let’s say they are related :wink:


Thorgal was one of the best comics I read when I was early in my teens… that and XIII.
Must have been quite something to see him work (even if it was on video)

you should do more “quick studies” like these last few…
welcome back :slight_smile:


Hey Sirielle, Sounds like you had and amazing time at the festival. :slight_smile: I like this latest quick drawing as well, great face and hair on the top figure.


[left]Thank you both for comments. Yes I should do more of such studies. And anatomy studies, I will not even show you my mutated skeleton I tried to draw the same time O.o It looked like someone distorted image widening it out of proportion.

Johan - I don’t know XIII, what is it? I plan to read Enki Bilal’s Nikopol trilogy, recommended as innovative art and plotwise.
The film about Rosiński during work was done beautifully with music composed especially for that, it was artistic itself - we’ve been looking at sketches from behind his back, we saw him mirrored in a window, took look outside the window on Alps… I wish it was available on net so others could watch it, too. I wonder if the DVD is on sale - it was added as extra feature to a DVD with Thorgal on the cover, but I didn’t ask of that DVD when I had a chance.

Here is hair doodle over my old WIP (untouched, yet), I finally used tablet since my latest battle with b&w image. It’s also great, full of artism and expression self portrait with headphones on and the tools in hands, beware :smiley:


A forgotten concept from July I just found on my HDD, a passage through a glacier:


I’m trying to paint new wings and finish details of a fairy dragon I painted a year ago. This dragon was inspired by fairy dragons from HoMM III - funny purple creatures with butterfly wings and big eyes (colour and mood), by sea horses (head and body) and fish floating tails. I wanted it to float in the air, but it’s impossible for a dragon with dragon wings :frowning:

Present stage (and 4th wings idea):

The one year old original with funny wings:


Abandoned variant of my [pb]event #09 Opposities entry Fire and Ice:

[left]Final contributions for the event, I want to refine it more:




Working on my fav red head again - latest anatomy twist (there were a few not posted) as someone at advised me I twisted him again, I hope now proportions work best of all the WiPs:

And more advanced face sketch plus armour decorations test:

[left]I hope the armour reads as metal (very dark red metal, on a border of brown lit by flames from the bottom on his sides). Someone told me it’s too dark/saturated/too much contrast, but when I compare it with van Dyck’s paintings pictures on my screen the scheme is the same, I want it to be that dark, but I have no idea what gamma settings I have got (I tried to set 1,8 but failed to state what number I have). What does it look like to you?


Having a little rest from the red armour (which drives me nuts) - started as a boy turned into a girl, I may finish the boy either or not, but the girl should be finished soon, these colors improve my mood a lot:



Ou I like how that red armor guy is turning out…I really like how the armor looks so shiny and the little details you’ve put on it.
Also the way you’ve painted the skin in the last one you’ve posted looks really nice. One thing that you might want to check on, on the face, I think you put too much of an emphasis on shading for the roundness of the cheekbones where it meets the top of the mouth, near the nose. It should probably be a bit more like your 1st wip…the light should go down straight more, or just put less of contrast between the shadow on the cheeks and top of the mouth…ugh, this is hard to explain :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I know what you mean - someone called it moustache on another board, I have toned it down a bit (maybe it needs more touch) plus made her nostrils thinner and sketched the hair:

[left]I’ll re-do the ears later, they’re too close, I see it now and I need to refine her face sides, too. (There is a misspell in description on the image - lotus flower tiara.)

The red armor guy appeared to be too red after printing, I have to redo more than I thought O.o I’m just going to get back to him now (like since 4 PM and it’s 8 already :wink: ).

Thank you for advice!


I officially hate his armour (and probably repeat myself) and the same time like this image too much to leave it unfinished (am I too attached to my WIPs?). I hope he is twisted enough now, also that his leg finally looks better (bent backwards):


Some update. I moved the arm cover of his armour on the shield’s side more to his side, it was too close in the middle. And I put it on the whole image to progress the whole piece (I was woring on a cropped image so far to avoid Painter slowing down).

What should be water’s colour? Night sky above and flames over it, so I guess there would be no blue nor violet as I sketched, but only some brown/bordo, maybe a bit of dirty and very dark blue?

And yes, I should darken the gauntlet and still he holds a wooden stick not a decent sword :wink:


Hi Karolina! WOW! you have lots of good stuff going on here, simultaneously!:thumbsup: I have just started learning Painter and it is good to see your technique!.. Waiting to see how you render the water and fire!:bounce: