Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


I’ve taken this one to acceptable stage. Having no Painter X trial anymore, with which I painted the first image, I used mostly palette knife to get a similar effect as the brush introduced in PX. I still use Painter 9.5:

A few recent pieces.

and a variation for a friend who is huge Aliens fan:


Finished her:

Full view:

WIPs, spedees and sketches:

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Krishna driving Arjuna’s vimana in Mahabharata.

A joke, mostly for Silmarillion lovers:



Got back to this WIP, here is actual stage:

and some earlier variations of finishing the throne:

Airbrush would work best and easiest, but I feel I should stick to lines & cross-hatching.




hey there, you have quite a nice works here… :wink: I’ve looked all they way through your sketchbook and you show a really good progress… keep it up…!!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Map of Beleriand and realms of the North - map rendering by me, with Thangorodrim, compass rose and tengwar frame by Ominous. Published on-line with Ominous’ permission. Based on on maps by J.R.R. Tolkien in HoME XII, Christopher Tolkien in The Silmarillion, Karen Wynn Fonstad in The Atlas of Middle-earth and invaluable tips from Ominous, without whom the map would be incomplete:

Full view at dA:

Note on the buildings - they are more symbols of cities and fortresses, showing their different characters than literal renderings of the actual buildings.


Actual WIP, pose referenced from SenshiStock, though not exactly:


After a long time since sketching this one I’m trying to finish a dragon head. Teeth are black, but I might change them into a more usual colour.



I see ImageShack has removed a lot of my old images in this thread. Fortunately I have switched to storing stuff in a different place, but it will be hard to replace the missing images now, perhaps I’ll delete the posts itself (leave them empty).

Anyway recent exercise and instruction how not to follow reference :wink: I didn’t plan to copy it, just use for pose and hand reference, but finally ended up going too far.


I see I haven’t linked the finished dragon:

Cropped, full view at dA or in my CGTalk portfolio.

I finally decided to try watercolors. Here is a second try, from a digital sketch printed on watercolor paper. Watercolors + white acrylics.

I experimented more and spoiled it completely. The sketch is a rejected variation of a rejected face

for the double portrait below:

Full view and other variants at dA


Pose ideas, variations and rejected faces of the double portrait project posted above.

  • A test of digital ink in Painter.

One moment my patience for his hair ended :wink:

Rejected faces:

and the final choice:

The final image (one of variants) - the same character, but from different fathers, all explained at dA:

Full view and other variants at dA




Oracle speedy


Another watercolour & acrylics experiment.

Genji Monogatari, January 2016.

Trees of Valinor, June 2016.

Digital quickie - “Undead panther”, theme from Daily Spitpaint group at FB.


#Inktober 2016 in A5 sketchbook, done with calligraphy pens (felt pens), ballpoint ink, brushes and my old writing pen.






#inktober 2016 I haven’t done a whole set, but here are a few images more. All done in A5 sketchbook.

Slavic ondines - Świtezianki


Świtezianki again, only in pencil. T.b.c.

A shadow

fixed in Photoshop