Sketchbook Thread of Sakboi - 2D/3D


Hi All:

I’ve been on a break from creating hard surface content for a Military FPS game demo 2015 release on Android devices for about 5-6 weeks over on the WIP 3D Stills board, I was wrestling with the tricky issue of applying textures via an exploded bake methodology that will require translating a 3D Max technique within a Blender environment. Whilst banging my head against the wall being kicked by Blender a happy thought intruded itself - “Why not give your 2D drawing/sketching legs a run” consequently workstation shutdown, pick up pencils and sketchpad.

So during my self imposed hiatus I’ve been busily honing my drawing skills which will be quite handy in the organic content creation phase of the development cycle, I plan to use my sketches as the in game modelling templates for the characters. Anyways my art background is traditional fine art attained from both formal and self taught sources, its been a while since I’ve freehand sketched/drawn anything so it was a shock how degraded this unused attribute had become over an extended period.

The content I’ll add to this thread will be both 2D/3D figurative/portrait work both related and unrelated to my current project, essentially this sketchbook will hopefully motivate/inspire me to reconnect to long unused skillsets acquired as a visual artist/portraitist.

The following is my first instalment which served two purposes:

    1. A personal gift for my nephew’s 21st birthday
    1. A game character concept drawing practice

The mediums used is HB/6B graphite plus Faber-Castell colouring pencils on a 510mm x 635mm 250GSM white pasteboard sheet:

Character Concept Drawing:

Character References:

Building References:

At this point I apologise for the drawing image res shot using my Sony Cybershot 7.2 megapixel camera, I’m working on my non-existent photography skill that I hope to improve in the near future. This piece was a personal challenge on all levels. The scale, complexity, and timeline to execute an optimal outcome over a period of two and a half weeks, I had forgotten the sense of achievement in creating work by freehand which really pushed my abilities to the max, nonetheless a very enjoyable experience.

The references for the character are 1/19 scale military model figurines sourced from various sites useful for acquiring detail, the street shots again using my Sony Cybershot cam are of my home city CBD laneways again useful source for game environment maps.

Cheers :wink:


Looks good!
Looks like a lot of work went into that piece.


Thankyou Kanga:

It certainly was a challenging piece on many levels ie: scale, style, medium, mixed media used, and timeframe in which to finish the drawing, to name but a few as I’d mentioned above. In all honesty, overall I really had to push myself to the maximum and as a consequence re-learned or refreshed to an extent how much effort it takes to draw by hand something with this amount of detail and size of the work area. Anyway suffice to say from the waist up I was in “painsville city” for the next few days after I’d completed it, due to being hunched over most of the time.

Cheers :wink: