Sketchbook Thread of opusbloom



I am just about all set to take Robert Chang’s course in August, ‘How to Become a Better Artist,’ so I thought I better start finishing up a few online classes I started a couple months ago.

The first course is quite long, but starts out with form and perspective, and then gradually progresses from there. Included is a section on figure drawing, with emphasis on proportions, poses, heads and faces. The one that follows will be an actual anatomy class, complete with bones, muscles, etc. (Was told by instructor to take previous course first.)

Anyway, I’m rusty, but here goes. My first start to somewhat finished shaded body in about 2 months.

For those interested in seeing start to finish, here’s an animated version:

– The torso’s too short, using the eight heads rule. I was focusing too much on nailing the curve of the hip between torso and thigh. (I’ve also not done heads yet.)

Downside: These are meant to be quick, but it took me way too long for just the one. I’m hoping practice – and loosening up a bit when I do these – will help.

Up side: My inking is getting better. (No, seriously, it is.)

Goal for tomorrow/Sunday: Practice getting quicker. Will put together a few different poses from start to complete shading. On Monday, I will hopefully be up to shading some general muscles as well, not just blocked out shapes.