Sketchbook Thread of end5er


This is my attempt at sprinting after being left in the dust by everyone else, I should’ve have practiced harder in school. I bought sketchbooks without drawing in them, this is my way of making up for it and hopefully at the end of the year produce some amount of growth. Most of this are gonna be sketches that I’ll be trying to do everyday.


gestures 45s










Been working on gesture studies everyday and started reading Loomis since I last posted.

35s. 40s, 60s

started paying closer attention to proportions, dont know if I’m getting worse or slower as increase the time.


started doing master studies to improve technical skills… eye measurement for proportion is still terrible… found the drawings to be more difficult than it looks.

currently working on this one. sketching on digital seems more difficult than paper, hopefully doing these builds my dexterity and control on wacom.