Sketchbook Thread for Shayniz's Work


I hope to really commit to this so that I can see my progress.


Master Study:
ALGARDI, Alessandro
Bust of Monsignor Antonio Cerri
c. 1637
Marble, height 85,5 cm
City Art Gallery, Manchester

            The painting took about 1 hour. I probably could have pushed the values a bit more i think. I'm always too reserve with my value range. 
            I'll try and do some quick ones also.


Sketches of some figure studies.


Some more further studies.


Some faces studies and an insect.


Some more figure sketches


Hi Shayniz,
It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I just thought that I would drop by and see what everyone has been up to.

I hope that you decide to continue this thread as well. It looks like you have a great start to it. Keep up the good work, and keep sharing.


Hey Splinter,

Thanks man, yeah i’ll definitely maintain it. Much appreciated.


I know Its been a few years since my last post. University Got in the way, but i’m gonna start posting again, hopefully i can see some improvement.


A series of thumbnail sketches.