Sketchbook Thread by Mutsumipat


Hi everyone ! I open a sketchbook to share my practices with the community ^^. Images from Deviantart and Pinterest, and books of some illustrators that I love ^^

Let’s go !

Luis Royo’s poses



I’m studying more the male body for a personal project.


Another study of the male body with an animation of the process ^^


Environment study with Photoshop ^^


Great work here. Personally I have a lot of difficulty when working with colors. I really like what you have here.


Thank you Splinter ^^ Control the colours is hard because you have to pay attention to the shadows / lights, volumes of a character, environment and the basic atmosphere that you want to have for the whole painting. You have to make studies about all this, and make a lot of speed paintings to understand how it works. ^^ here, you have a very good tutorial about the skin colour. This is natural, you learn a lot of things about using colours properly for the face ^^

Speed painting of Bella Swan from Twilight movie by using the brush and the mixer brush tool on Photoshop :