Sketchbook of nele-s


Hi guys,
Been planning to start this for a while, but never got around to it. Hope this is in the right subforum!
I am a 3d character artist, my current job is at an augmented reality studio where I am involved in the creation of mobile apps/games for clients such as Warner Bros, Sony, Disney, Marvel, etc., all low-poly.
I take weekly life drawing classes though it’s been a while since they were put to a temp halt recently.
I’m going to put up mostly personal projects, some professional ones, but I’d like critique on anything I create. These will be both lowpoly, highpoly, sculpts and traditional art or digital paintings. My aim is to become much better at anatomy and eventually be able to get a job as hyperrealistic character modeler/sculptor, even though I enjoy doing lowpoly modeling & texturing as well. Hope I can get there soon enough.
Like I said I’ve got a full-time job, but won’t usually be able to publish the work I do there due to copyrights n such. Having a full-time job doesn’t allow me much time for personal projects or freelance work, so bear with me if I’m updating this thread slowly. Yet I think this will encourage me to keep updating and thus actually push myself more to work in my spare time.
Thanks for watching this thread!


Some of my finished work (the good stuff first!):


Some quick headsculpts (1-2h):


My Dota2 WIP itemset for Lina:

ZBrush work:

Lowpoly renders with bakes:

My colour concept:

Latest update (Maya scrshot):

As you can see it’s not entirely finished yet. I’ve started out with polypaint in ZBrush since I thought this to be the easiest way to see if my colours & set worked together.
I am now finishing everything in Photoshop & Maya, cleaning up the bakes and painting it in fully. I’ve been working on this for a while now but I do tend to finish it.


Some 2d drawings made in Photoshop:



Graphite sketch I made in my sketchbook today:

I’m not used to using graphites yet. I do love working with them though. I’ve done a couple more sketches today but felt like this was the only one worth uploading.
Ive got a couple of A2 sized sketches from life drawing classes, but still need to find a way to somehow scan these, which isn’t easy.