Sketchbook for ConceptArt/Portfolio dev


Hello all, after some time, I have decided to open a sketchbook for my portfolio development. Critique is always warmly welcome.


And now starting on some prop design ~ it’s the stage and section of the portfolio I’m refining.


Hello ladies and gents.
I’ve been wanting to post artwork here, I really am, but due to NDA’s, I can’t show the work I’ve been freelancing for, it’s a shame, because its the best environment work I’ve done to date.
Meanwhile, i’ve been running a personal project, my version of Neuromancer novel by William Gibson, which is such a wonderful read, the story is so intense…

Here are a few thumbnails. Looking back to the first vehicle thumbnails I did a year ago, I see how laughable they were back then, they had a lot of function errors and process mistakes too… but I was learning perspective at that time, so I was trying to solve multiple problems at once. (that’s so me.)
I did these while experimenting new processes. If it was for a client, I wouldn’t start flat out 2D, but maybe trace and draw/photo manipulate on top of a base car… however, since these are personal and experimental workflows, I it doesn’t hurt to take the longer route, as long as I’m growing my skill-set.

This time I took some time looking at real cars, car advancements, DARPA and Lexus Int for reference both on aestethics side and the function side. I was inspired by Lexus hover skateboard for the tech at first, but I really liked the wheel car the best. I hope I have time to continue this project.

Also some more zombie busts I did a month ago, experimenting the same process but with more evolved design languages, forms and shapes than what I did 6 months ago. (Jeez, time flies by!)