Sketch and Toon + Spherical camera. Doesn't work?


How do people here who are rendering for VR deal with sketch and toon?
I have a shot that requires compositing of a few passes using the sketch styles, however S&T does not seem to work at all when using a spherical camera.

Any hints?

Sketch & Toon + 360 error

Does anyone here render VR in C4D? Anyone have any ideas?


To the best of my knowledge this is a limitation of S&T


Any suggestions for workarounds?


Old school way by rendering front,left,right,back,top,botton in squares, generate a cube map from this renderings and convert it to a spherical map after that.


Thanks! I see that Rick has a Cineversity tutorial but it uses cineware, CV-VR plugin and skybox (which I believe is built into AE now). Looks like maybe thats the way to go. Need to go through it all when I get a chance and see how it goes.


Just an FYI - CV-VR cam is not available for R20, and won’t be updated as the spherical cam takes it’s place, which is too bad as then we can’t do Sketch/Toon VR in R20

Rick - any chance of updated VRcam for R20?


Seems to work in R19 (still havent moved to 20) so I can try this method.

Here is Rick’s tutorial series–still going through it in case anyone needs guidance.


CV-VRCam isn’t really necessary for the technique. It’s just used for the camera rig and for the final render which I fade in after the animated Sketch & Toon. The camera rig itself isn’t even necessary if you use Cineware. If you want to render the 6 cube faces separately “the old fashioned way” you can just copy the rig from R19 or create it - it’s just 6 cameras with 90 deg FOV and the appropriate rotations.

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility to update CV-VRCam for R20, I think the native Spherical Camera provides a more robust solution.

BTW - Sketch and other post effects are really hard to render in 360 stereo because both VRCam and the Spherical Camera work by bending the render engine’s rays. Sketch is basically a raster (pixel-based) rather than raytraced effect, so supporting stereo 360 would likely require a completely new NPR line engine.

Equirectangular Sketch & Toon issues

Perhaps you could fake a Sketch/Toon look in the standard renderer by using line/edge shaders & the like? It would obviously depend a lot on what overall look you were aiming for.


Hi Rick

I am wondering if there is any method available for ouputting nulls from c4d to AE via spherical camera? I fear the answer is no, but if there was some way to translate the position of a null (lights etc) in 3d space to its warped spherical position that would be amazing.

We are working on a huge vr job (almost 20 minutes of rendered vr) and there are lots of labels and callouts as well as nulls we need for things like lensflares and other composited elements. I wonder how other people deal with the compositing side of VR prodction. Its a pain in the ass currently. :frowning:


Hey Joel,
This isn’t an ideal solution, but it’s an easy one. You can just move the text layer of the right channel in AE left or right a few pixels to move the depth in or out of the screen. Other solution is to make your labels in C4D in 3D space and comp that in later. This is the solution I’ve landed on for the last few projects.


Hey Arik–these are the solutions we’ve been using, but for 20 minutes and lots of other elements that need to be composited in, its pretty innefficient. Was hoping that someone could maybe write a script that was able to translate the spatial position of a null to the warped position. (my true ulterior motive here :slight_smile: )


Have you checked out Canvas 360? I don’t have much experience with it, but I think it’s supposed to help with this. I think @noseman has worked with it and may be able to provide some more insight.


Thanks Rick! Will look into it.

Edit-this looks like exactly what we need. Will dig deeper. Thanks again!