Sketch and Toon + Spherical camera. Doesn't work?


How do people here who are rendering for VR deal with sketch and toon?
I have a shot that requires compositing of a few passes using the sketch styles, however S&T does not seem to work at all when using a spherical camera.

Any hints?


Does anyone here render VR in C4D? Anyone have any ideas?


To the best of my knowledge this is a limitation of S&T


Any suggestions for workarounds?


Old school way by rendering front,left,right,back,top,botton in squares, generate a cube map from this renderings and convert it to a spherical map after that.


Thanks! I see that Rick has a Cineversity tutorial but it uses cineware, CV-VR plugin and skybox (which I believe is built into AE now). Looks like maybe thats the way to go. Need to go through it all when I get a chance and see how it goes.


Just an FYI - CV-VR cam is not available for R20, and won’t be updated as the spherical cam takes it’s place, which is too bad as then we can’t do Sketch/Toon VR in R20

Rick - any chance of updated VRcam for R20?


Seems to work in R19 (still havent moved to 20) so I can try this method.

Here is Rick’s tutorial series–still going through it in case anyone needs guidance.


CV-VRCam isn’t really necessary for the technique. It’s just used for the camera rig and for the final render which I fade in after the animated Sketch & Toon. The camera rig itself isn’t even necessary if you use Cineware. If you want to render the 6 cube faces separately “the old fashioned way” you can just copy the rig from R19 or create it - it’s just 6 cameras with 90 deg FOV and the appropriate rotations.

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility to update CV-VRCam for R20, I think the native Spherical Camera provides a more robust solution.

BTW - Sketch and other post effects are really hard to render in 360 stereo because both VRCam and the Spherical Camera work by bending the render engine’s rays. Sketch is basically a raster (pixel-based) rather than raytraced effect, so supporting stereo 360 would likely require a completely new NPR line engine.


Perhaps you could fake a Sketch/Toon look in the standard renderer by using line/edge shaders & the like? It would obviously depend a lot on what overall look you were aiming for.