Sketch and toon question


Hey guys

I have a weird client who wants to use a sketch and toon approach to their xray images. I’ve gotten very close to what they want but I can’t get rid of the stark black shading areas it draws. I can’t seem to find a tweak to the settings anywhere to get rid of them. Is there a quick tweak or do I need to set up some lighting to make sure there are not dark areas? See attached. Left is the client request and right is where I’m at with sketch and toon.

Thanks all!




set the shading to none (you can even deactivate s&t all together in your render settings) and apply a material to the model, simple cel shader in the luminance channel will do exactly what you want. in the cel shader activate lights, for the diffuse gradient set 2 colour knots with stepped interpolation (that’s what it’s set to by default anyways).