Sketch and Toon Dotted Line


Is it possible to make a dotted line with round dots and not square?


Yes …


i ve watched this tutorial. its not what i’m looking for.
if you make a dotted pattern and have a somewhat large thickness so you can see the effect, the “dots” are just small line segments. so they appear as squares when you zoom in.
they are not round dots

i think the way i solved this in an older project was to actually make a cloner of a 2d disk and make the dotted line this way. i hoped for a hidden setting


Yes, zooming in on the small squares defeats the touted purpose.

An after thought was to use spheres… disks could work too :grinning:
And … an old plugin … Enhance / Dot Matrix…



Could that be a bug worth of notifying Maxon ? The end caps don’t seem to work under any mode.