Sing To Heaven , Shuwan (2D)


Title: Sing To Heaven
Name: Shuwan
Country: Singapore
Software: Photoshop Cs

Time Spent: abt 30hours
Guess the title should reflect what this illustration is about.
Still quite new with CG, so it’s a challenging piece of work for me.
Have to thank some friends for giving me suggestions.

Any comments welcome.
Hi resolution image


Well-spent 30 hours…Using Wacom tablet to do coloring?

Very peaceful sensational enviroment match wif a cheerful gal der…I wish to look at a close-up on the center part. Beautiful color sense…Should be done by a gal…haha…am i correct?
Maybe more clouds above the river to represent heaven. It can be better cuz u r drawing fantasy art no need too much logical thing.

btw, why the cloud in the sky is like sinking into the centre from left side & the right side?

keep it up…the larger pic link doesnt work…Do u haf a portfolio site? I wanna take a visit now!!!


Thanks. The link should work now. I have edited it.
yup! You are correct. i’m a girl.
At first. The clouds should appear in perspective. But I find it blocky, so I changed it to the current one. Why the clouds is that way is becos’ I want to make the girl as focus n also to try painting clouds in other ways.
My portfolio site is
2 pic for close up.

The girl n bird.


Very good work, must say your improvement has gone way one level higher, probably ahead of me…ahhahah very nicely done pic. At this point of time, i won’t comment on colors, anatomy structures, linework and stuff, i believe you have gone pass that point of learning, and have really develop your own style. =]

The thing i would like to talk about, is your theme and your vision. What do you want to portray in this illustration? Do you really need the feathers? What about the bird? any meaning that adds to the art piece? How can you better portray the theme : sing to heaven. Think through how you can win your viewers, what you really wan to tell them. It will be very impressive if your artwork can straight away put words through to the viewers out there. This is just wat i feel la, i still cannot mark that standard, dun even say about painting an illustration, thus if you can do it , will be really good lor. All the BeSt.


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