Simulating Subframes


I’ve noticed that my syflex object is not rendering with motion blur properly. The problem is that when Mental Ray looks forward and back half a frame, it sees the exact same syflex frame. My gues is I need to simulate those subframes but cannot figure out how. I tried setting my playback to 0.2, but it didn’t make a difference. It still only created cache files for the whole frames. Anyone know of a way around this?



check with syflex, they were suppoosed to have a fix for this…


yeah, I just found out about it. thanks


I believe jmartin is talking about the motion blur problem. As far as the subcachin. I don’t know of a way to create cache files for subframes. You can only up your subsampling so that syflex runs it’s alghorithms multiple times between frames. And as said in the docs…“it doesn’t always have an effect.”


Yeah, I convinced my work to buy the upgrade. Thanks guys.


oh yeah, no subframe cache from syflex, maya8.5 geo cache would give subframe…



i heard of someone with the exact same problem fairly recently

they had to " bake " the cache file in order to have a render that can be passed thru motionblur

for instance the cache has frame 1 and frame 2… but not the blending if u supposedly want to see animation in frame 1.5. there are no easing in interations between frames or something like that. If i find anything else i’ll let you know. :frowning:


…just talking out loud…

I can think of 2 different approaches:

  1. cache sycloth mesh output directly using a subframe caching solution (skip the syflex cache)

2)do a two steps caching where you cache a mesh on a frame by frame basis first, and then you could make a spline interpolation between three frames to get a smooth interpolated subframe motion and cache the result using a subframe caching solution. Ths would also work if you need to slow down the simulation.

Personally, I would choose the latter (granted that the results worked ok) because It would speed up the caching proces and the n of subframes is not dependent on the cloth caching.

Ok I can stop now talking out lod :slight_smile:


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