simulating a planet on the horizon


simulating a planet on the horizon…

LightWave Scene

A Scene with a planet on the horizon …
I have fog activated and Planet object properties set to “Unaffected buy Fog”
The Planet object is like 180Mm from the origin far enough away from the fog settings.
How does one make it look like the planet is in the distance ??

Should I render it seperate and composite it in photoshop ??

Trying to simulate a planet in the distance is becoming a head scratcher…

Some Ideas would really help…me …

Does any body have some tips on doing this ???



Hi Michael,

Well first you have to turn off your background gradient if you are using it. I have seen a tutorial for this in my old LW 6.5 book . If I remember correctly you need to create a sphere for your sky flip the polys and surface with a gradient (Y distance to object = sky sphere), reduce the diffuse to zero, increase luminosity to 100%, make sure the planet is outside of the sky sphere. Then click the advanced tab and set the additive transparency to 100%. Make sure you turn off all the shadow properties of the sky sphere and check unaffected by fog.

Edit: you also have to check unaffected by fog for the palnet outside the sphere.


Nice Sllink. ::


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