Simulate nCloth in batch mode


Hi all,
I have seen this question was posted before but not was answered.
Is there any possibility to send ncloth simulations to a farm? or simulate them by command line?
As far as I know nucleus engine is not very escalable with processor so most times the cpus are under 50%.


I don’t believe you can parse it out that way, across connected CPUs.

Nucleus has a long way to go still, in my opinion. It should be more heavily multi-threaded, a technical challenge no doubt for the coders, but it should also be GPU-ready too. I don’t know of any reason not to utilize the GPU for a particle simulation. WebGL can even do this, nowadays.

I’m not trying to pick on Autodesk here, but rather am very open to a hybrid, multi-threaded particle system inside Maya and would stop using Nucleus altogether if there were something like that available from a third party.