Simple Grab Viewport script


I know there are many similar tools around, but it there any which do simple active viewport screenshot (actial size, actual AO and Shadows settings) and save it automatically (maxfilepath + “\images\” + getFileNameFile maxfilename + _index + “.jpg”)


Read about viewport.getViewportDib in mxs reference. Bitmap Value section of the reference contains a few examples how to load and save max bitmaps.


however, I’m total zero in maxscript.
happy to pay for the development

	if makeDir (maxfilepath + "images") then
		bmpFilePath = (maxfilepath + "images\\" + getFileNameFile maxfilename + "_" +(timestamp() as string) + ".jpg")
		vptGrabBMP = gw.getViewportDib()
		vptGrabBMP.filename = bmpFilePath
		save vptGrabBMP
		close vptGrabBMP