Simple filling a box... not behaving.


Maya simulations are driving me insane… they just dont seem to want to work

All im trying to BASICALLY do is fill a crate with lego like blocks.

I have the crate (not on the origin) and the blocks above it in a basic scene.

I have tried MASH, which is horribly slow and it falls through the crate and there is no random rotation on the objects (lego blocks)
I then also tried Nparticles (which I have had some manner of success with in the past) which only kind of works. the particles work 100% fine, they emit in the crate (put the emitter inside the crate, and they stay inside the crate and fill it up, BUT when I use the instancer, the blocks seem to appear on the other side or the scene, with no random rotations, and they appear inside one another.

any help is appreciated… also willing to send the basic scene


Are you trying with MASH Dynamics? It is fast for more options i think.


I have… and I have tried it before on another project…
I find mash too slow for what I want to achieve




tried mash with a bullet solver


Maybe you can trying apply this to your scene using Arnold and procedurals, so you can reduce your mesh if it is similar mesh obviously.


the mesh isn’t heavy at all, the problem isnt with the mesh itself.


Ok. Can you post a basic scene? So I’ll try to help you if It’s possible.


here you go.


Unfortunatly I cannot open this link because our ICT policy, Block the site.
I can do a try tonight at home.


PM me your email address and i will send it to you directly